The great debate…

Does spending the money on professionally cleaning your carpets before you put your property up for sale impact the bottom line number that you will sell for. It doesn’t matter if you are up-sizing or downsizing your home. It’s important to maximise the sale price of your property.

So does a professional clean help your property get sold?

Clean Carpets Add to the Bottom Line

Think about it for a moment. If you were to personally go into a property you were thinking of purchasing. You are hit with the fresh smell just like when you bought that first new car. Psychologically you get a good felling. But what happens if you see dirty carpets that need to be cleaned? Well without you even knowing it your brain is going to automatically but up a defense barrier and you will start to think about the costs involved with cleaning the property before you move in. And what else will you start to question that the property owner is hiding that needs to be repaired.

So you see it’s very simple. It better to get your carpets cleaner before you plan on selling your property.

How Much Value Do Clean Carpets Add?

Well that depends on various factors but to get a proper answer we actually had a chat to Paul the owner of Clean Victoria. Paul’s focus on carpet cleaning in Newcastle. He has been in the trade for a long time. In the last year he decided to start up Clean Victoria and go out on his own.

When we asked Paul about how much value clean carpets adds his response was more than positive. The paraphrase Paul basically said “I’ve seen a handful of properties that have been sold after I did the carpet cleaning. I’ve also spoken to local estate agents in the area as they get me to come in to do the carpets a day or two before the first property viewing takes place so that fresh smell is lingering when the viewing starts. From what I understand clean carpets can add a good £5,000 to the property price”.

Before and after carpet cleaning example.

So there you have it. Paul says it’s worth it. Take a look at the photo above also. You can clearly see how much of a dramatic difference a clean carpet has. It fells like the carpet is once again ‘alive’ compared to the dull dark and gloomy carpet that has not been cleaned.

The Verdict

Is it worth it to get your carpers cleaned by a professional before selling your property. It sure is! If you add even £2,000 to your selling price and you spend only £200 on a professional clean then you are look at a 10x ROI. If you do manage to pull in £5,000 extra on the sale price with freshly cleaned carpets than that’s an 25x ROI.

So the bottom line is get your carpets cleaned. This is very similar to situation we knew that took place with a property sale in USA. The property sale was in a not so ‘affluent’ area. The owner decided to spend about $2,000 on renting higher end cars worth $70,000 to $100,000 and this resulted in his property being sold for about $25,000 more than teh average market price. A worth while investment!